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Healthcare Horizons

Healthcare Claims Audits for Self-Insured Employers

The time-sensitive turnaround of a major presentation with impactful visuals and charts allowed this company to dip their toe in the waters of a much-needed, longer-term effort without a total brand redo.


The president was invited to speak to a group of oil company executives, and they needed a professional presentation FAST! They knew they needed marketing and brand work but didn’t have the luxury of time to do it right before the presentation. They also knew they needed high-level expertise but weren’t sure they could afford it.


"When we found DO Marketing, we hit the jackpot," said Beverly Healey, Operations Manager of Healthcare Horizons. "They provided just what we needed and gave us the initial boost for the development of an updated brand."


We interviewed the client, reviewed their current messaging and website and went to work to produce a powerful presentation, with a new look and feel (and without months of research and other work that most marketing companies try to upsell you) that demonstrated they were a major player. They landed two high-end jobs from that one presentation! 

New brand design on the CEO's PowerPoint presentation
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