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Oglethorpe University

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We’d just lost our marketing director with a major event looming. We needed a high-level team, and we needed them fast!


Oglethorpe just lost their marketing director, and they had a major event taking place in less than 90 days. They hired Rebecca and her team as a temporary/virtual marketing director to help with planning, messaging design and more. In the midst of the planning, 911 happened. The team had the idea of bringing in televisions so the guests could keep up with what was happening on the news. It was a fabulous success. Oglethorpe kept the team for more than four years to help them manage the redesign of admissions and museum brochures, newsletter content, donor materials and more. They received the highest level of expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring just one full-time person. 

OU's fundraising brochure
OU's Museum of Art Brochure
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