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We are often approached by organizational leadership asking for a quick way to get everyone from staff to board members on the same page as it relates to messaging and telling their organization’s story.  

Our expertise in evaluating your brand status, quickly producing “your best story,” and positioning your organization for success is one of our specialties. In fact, it is often one of the first things we DO! 

Healthcare Horizons Presentation

Healthcare Horizon's CEO hired us to create a presentation to elevate the company's image
and give clarity to corporate messaging for major client meetings.

Arise Recovery & Behavioral Health Presentation

Arise Recovery & Behavioral Health trusted us to create a high-level “story-telling” presentation to get all employees singing from the same songbook to drive admissions and funding.

Special Needs Cobb Presentation

Special Needs Cobb requested a high-level presentation to introduce the new brand
and tell the SNC story with clarity to build awareness and support.

Smart Lunch, Smart Kid - Action Ministries

The Smart Lunch, Smart Kid program for Action Ministries needed a presentation that would
emotionally engage with the public and donors for need awareness and fundraising efforts.

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