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Advancing Your Cause


Action Ministries

Leading People Out of Poverty.

A 50-year-old non-profit needed to shake things up, seeking help for creative ways to engage its audiences, build awareness and raise more funds.


The new CEO of Action Ministries had just taken the helm of a major statewide non-profit and was looking for an innovative approach to marketing that would help build awareness, raise funds and create a powerful brand. As good stewards of other people’s money, they wanted to hire a team that would give them the most bang for their buck but with the expertise to educate their diverse internal and external audiences about how a brand should work, ensuring that everyone was singing from the same songbook. Our team not only helped Action revitalize its messaging and brand, but our creative approach to design and the ability to partner with corporate and community supporters developed and grew its active donor base by 50 percent. DO created targeted, impactful projects à la carte so that the non-profit could add pieces as they grew. DO also helped them tell their unique and powerful story through stage management presentations for conferences of nearly 3,000 people, engaging them in a true movement to lead people out of poverty in Georgia. 

AM's Life Changer's brochure. We are making a differnce in the world.
We Are Action Ministries-various case studies of people who have been helped by Action Minstries
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